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Here are some of the tactics and strategies we employ at RepWarrior;

    #1 – We create several new, authentic ‘digital assets’ (websites, blogs, etc) for you, including building several new websites using the best domain names for your campaign. We will create original content that is optimized for your key search terms (usually your name or the name of your business). We only use best practice SEO techniques for all of the digital assets and new sites we create, so they will rank for the search terms that have been identified. We also submit those sites to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines for indexing when finished, so they can appear in search results.

   #2 – We will create several blogs for you that are built around your search terms. The blogs get linked back and forth to each other and to the main websites, and other digital assets we create for you. We manage these blogs for you, and post relevant content on a regular basis.

   #3 – If needed, we will optimize your social media to help it rank above the negative content. As part of your campaign, we will create 20+ new social media accounts on second-tier social media sites. These are generally less well known social media that we use to help the main digital assets that we create rank above the negative content. Thought of in another way, the main digital assets we create are like front line soldiers, and the second-tier social media is more akin to the support team behind the front line soldiers.

   #4 – We publish favorable content on other blogs, social media websites, and highly visible third party sites that are selected for ranking strength and relevance to your exact situation.

   #5 – For businesses we submit listings to local and national directories and industry / trade publications, and fully build out and optimize those listings and profiles.

   #6 – We push positive content out to the Web using a proprietary formula, and combination of highly effective tactics and strategies. Every digital asset we create for you is highly optimized to show up on a Google search of your name, or your businesses name. This is where the real magic starts to happen. In order for any reputation management strategy to be effective, and for digital assets to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines, a number of high quality, high domain authority, fully optimized backlinks need to be earned for each of the new digital assets. Without this part of the formula, there is no point in creating digital assets as they will never rank on the first page of Google, or other search engines. RepWarrior has developed this proprietary formula from over a decade of SEO, and web design experience.

   #7 – When applicable, we push out content in the form of press releases using a proprietary formula, and combination of highly effective tactics and strategies.

   #8 – When applicable, we publish photos in content and fully optimize photos so they show up at the top of a Google Image Search. We work to ensure that links from photos are pointing to favorable content.

   #9 – When a client has online negative review issues, we can work with their administrative staff to solicit positive reviews and testimonials from customers, and have those published on review sites and other relevant places. RepWarrior will also track online reviews of your business, products or services to make sure that every potential threat to your reputation is addressed in a timely manner.

   #10 – We only use SEO ‘white hat’ best practices, and we always fully optimize all digital assets and content created for our clients to ensure consistent, highly favorable search rankings.

   #11 – We syndicate articles across the Web, and publish content that is professional and to the client’s specifications. We have the client review all content for accuracy before it is published to the Web. We always give the client complete control over what is published.

   #12 – We publish content gradually, and in a natural pattern that will influence search results without getting penalized by Google’s algorithms.

When combined together, all of these tactics and strategies are part of a highly effective reputation management campaign. 

RepWarrior will restore your good reputation across the Web.

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