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We hope you find our Frequently Asked Questions section helpful.  If there are other questions that you feel need to be here please let us know.

Q – How long does it take for the results of our work to be seen?

A – The first thing we do is build out your website(s). Then we will submit these sites to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines for indexing. Bing and Yahoo! will usually index new sites within a few days, whereas it can take Google several weeks or even months to index a site. After that we will start on creating the rest of your digital assets (blogs, etc), and other tactics and strategies. Many of these will take several weeks for search engines to index the new content, whether it’s new social media content, blogs, a Wikipedia page, etc.

Generally, you will start to see results within 4-6 weeks, but it could take up to 3-6 months for all our work to be active and seen on search results. There is nothing that can be done to speed up a search engine’s indexing of new Web content, but we will work as fast as we can to make sure you see results quickly. This is because we need to create the digital assets in a way that looks normal.  The digital assets need to be created and ‘rolled out’ in a natural progression.  If we move too quickly it looks to Google like we are trying to ‘game the system’, and we could incur a penalty from them.  We’ve never received this penalty, nor do we ever want to.

It normally will take an average of six months for the sites, and other digital assets we create for our clients to end up on the first page of Google and other search engines, but this can also take up to one year.  However, rarely do we see it go beyond nine months before we get the results we’re looking for, and we have been able to run campaigns in as little as three months.

You are able to track your campaign in real time.  Once we create a digital asset and submit it to Google, you will see it land on your search results.  It might not be placed on the first page right away, but you will be able to see your digital assets work their way to the first page and above negative content.  All you have to do is Google your exact search terms (your name, name of your business, etc) to see your new digital assets and where they rank.  You are also welcome to click on them (as long as you stay there for a couple minutes and try to click around to the different pages) as it will give them more ranking strength.  And as a reminder, please never click on your own negative content!

Q – I want to bury negative search results about me beyond page two. Can you get the negative results on page 5 or even page 10?

A – We normally recommend that our clients hire us to bury negative search results onto page two. We are able to bury results onto page three and beyond but it gets proportionally more expensive to do this. Each search result that we need to create takes us time, and will cost you money. For example, if you’ve got three articles on page one of Google and other search engines that you want buried off the first page, then we will need to create up to ten new digital assets to bury those three negative articles. If you wanted them buried off page two then we would need to create up to ten additional new digital assets to take up the ten places on the second page of the search results. This would essentially double the price of our service, although we generally give a discount for this type of campaign.

We do normally see negative articles get buried past page two on their own from the result of our work. If an article is appearing on the first page of a search it is usually there for three main reasons. The first reason is that people are clicking on this article and likely reading it, and this is giving it ranking strength to remain there. The second reason is that many of these negative articles are from websites with high ‘domain authority’, which makes them more difficult to bury. A high domain authority is given to websites that many people visit, and are considered reputable by Google and other search engines. The third reason is that in many cases there are a lack of other positive digital assets for people to click on, so they naturally gravitate to the negative content. Since less than 4% of searchers even go past page one of search results, once an article is buried onto the second page of a search it greatly decreases the chance of someone finding and reading it. The article will get many less clicks if it is moved onto the second page because of our work, and oftentimes we have seen it move on its own to page three and beyond as it loses its ranking strength.

Q – Will I be required to do anything?

A – We know our clients are busy, so we require very little time and input from them. We do ask our clients to approve the digital assets and content that we create, but this does not take very much time at all. After that, we will take care of everything for you. You can rest assured that our professional team at RepWarrior will handle all the details of your reputation management campaign. All you have to do is sit back and watch your positive, good reputation start appearing at the top of search engine results.

Q – What if I hire RepWarrior to fix my reputation, and then after the process is started more negative press surfaces about me or my business?

A – It shouldn’t affect our work, as what we do will be lasting and permanent. We are also creating a ‘digital firewall’ for you because of the work that we do, but we can’t ensure that any new negative press or content will not rise to the top of search engine results if it is from a very credible website, or it is being shared across the Web and goes viral. And, if there is new content that is negative and based around new keywords and phrases that we didn’t optimize for in our original strategy, then this content might rise in search rankings for the new keywords and phrases. If new negative content does appear on a search, we will likely need to conduct new work for your reputation management campaign. There will be a fee for this, but most of the time that fee can be reduced and you will not have to pay the costs of a full campaign.

Q – When RepWarrior gives me a free in-depth reputation management analysis and a estimate of my costs to fix my reputation, can I just have you do part of the work to save money?

A – This is not recommended. When we present to you a custom plan for the management of your personal or business reputation, we have tailored it to your exact issues and needs. We will need to do all of the work we propose to you in order to fix your reputation issues, and restore your good reputation. Our professional team at RepWarrior has been trained in the most effective reputation management techniques in the industry. We ask that you let us do all the work that is needed to fix your reputation. In most cases your time is better spent living your life or running your business, without having to do the work that we are qualified and well trained to accomplish.

Q – I received your free in-depth reputation management analysis, and estimate of your costs. How do your prices compare with other reputation management companies?

A – At RepWarrior our prices are very competitive and usually lower than most other reputation management companies who do the same high level, effective work that we do. We think we offer a great value for the money that we charge. It takes several months to run a reputation management campaign for our clients. We are very passionate about what we do, and we try to charge a fair price for our services. We also provide an interest free, flexible payment plan to our clients.

Q – I’ve already hired another company to do my reputation management in the past. I was not happy with the work that they did. Do I need to hire RepWarrior to do everything all over again?

A – We will design a custom campaign for you, and most of the time we are unable to use any of the other digital assets that have been created by other companies, as they are usually not up the high standards of quality that we have. We are one of the most thorough reputation management companies out there. Our tactics and strategies are second to none.

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