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Here are some reputation management case studies about clients RepWarrior has helped;

Reputation Management Case Study – Physician / Total time: six months

In this reputation management case study a physician had been under investigation for a low level crime involving fraudulent billing practices. He was eventually exonerated, but some mainstream news sources had run damaging stories about the investigation. Several national newspapers along with several local newspapers picked up the story, and the stories eventually made their way onto the first page of Google under a search on his name.

Around this same time he also started receiving some very negative reviews on various medical doctor review sites that would show up on the first page of a Google search alongside his address and contact information. He believed that someone was placing these reviews as part of a campaign against him, perhaps a former disgruntled employee.

When RepWarrior started working with him, his online reputation was all but ruined. His business had been quickly declining over the past couple years since the negative stories about the investigation came out and the reviews were published. The amount of new patients coming into his office was down considerably.

RepWarrior proceeded to create four websites for him. At the time he needed to update the existing website he had for his clinic practice, so we created a new main site for him that was elegant and professional looking. Then we created another website for him that focused on his professional life as a doctor. The other two websites were more specific to his type of medicine, and were a clearinghouse of information that was provided for anyone to read, but his name was always prominent in the content and the sites linked back and forth with the main two sites for his practice.

We also created several blogs with the content geared around his type of medicine. Once again, his name was always prominent in the content. Everything was SEO’d properly using best practice techniques, so they would show up on the first page of a Google search on his name.

The four sites and blogs started ranking after about three months. Once they showed up on a Google search, we began the next phase of his reputation management, which is the backlink strategy. RepWarrior authored several pieces of content related with this physician’s type of medicine. We managed to get these stories onto several blogs and other places where medical related content would naturally appear. His name was always attached to the content. Because he gave us approval to write the stories on his behalf, and he did the final edit, we were able to list him as the author.

This gave him much needed credibility and established him as an expert in his field. Of course all these stories linked back to the digital assets RepWarrior created for him. After a total of five months the first of his websites made their way onto the first page of Google. Then it was only a matter of time before all the sites and blogs ranked. One by one the negative stories about him disappeared onto the second page of Google and beyond. Although you can still find a couple of the national news articles about him on the second page, the local newspaper stories all but disappeared. We expect the national news stories to disappear off the second page given a little more time.

Another part of our strategy was to help bury the negative reviews about him. We worked with his administrative staff and contacted many of his patients to solicit for positive reviews and testimonials. We received several and were able to get them published on the review sites in question, several other medical review sites and his own digital assets.

Now when you Google his name you only see positive things about him on the first page of Google. He has been completely re-branded, and his business has started to increase again to levels that it was pre-investigation.

Reputation Management Case Study – Corporate Executive / Total time: eight months

In this reputation management case study RepWarrior was hired by the owner of a chain of primary care clinics to manage his personal reputation. He was about to take his company public on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and there were several negative articles showing up on the first page of a Google search under his name. This client had been a high profile political activist and the government had gone after him for tax evasion and fraud. He was charged with several ‘white collar’ crimes, and eventually took a plea bargain for tax evasion.

There was a barrage of stories related to the case printed in the local and regional newspapers. Then an AP reporter got ahold of the story and ran what was later described as a ‘hit piece’ story about him. This story started to go viral.

This client hired the biggest online reputation company to help fix his reputation issues. He paid them for a one-year contract, and they began their work. They created several one-page websites about him, which were basically all rewords of the same kind of content. They linked these sites back and forth with each other. They created new social media for him and linked everything back and forth. They did not however, seem to have any kind of external link building strategy that they employed.

None of these digital assets made it onto the first page of Google. To make the matters worse when you did a deep search of his name onto page two and beyond you found a bevy of websites that didn’t seem to say anything different about him. It looked like he was trying to game the system. After one year of paying this company a huge amount of money, he fired them and contacted RepWarrior.

When RepWarrior started to work with him he had already lost several investors going into the IPO. His current investors told him that he had to clean up his online reputation before going public, as the value of the stock might be artificially deflated because of the negative press he had received.

RepWarrior began to create real, authentic websites for him. We created four new websites; two that were specifically about him and two that were specifically about his business. All the sites featured his name prominently and were SEO’d properly to show up on a Google search of his name.  We also created several blogs for him. We helped him optimize his existing social media, including the new social media that this other reputation management company created.

We were able to create a Wikipedia page for him personally, because of his decades of political activism, and we also created one for his business. This resulted in Google creating a ‘Knowledge Graph’ entry for him where his name, some facts about him and his contact information would show up on the right side of the first page of a Google search.

This client had authored several articles related with his industry and RepWarrior was able to author a rewrite of several of his articles to reflect proper SEO techniques that would enable them to show up on a Google search of his name. We used content syndication services and other proprietary techniques to push those stories out onto the Web. Thousands of people read and shared those stories, which were all linked back to the digital assets we had created for him. This gained him valuable backlinks and the elusive “link juice” that is crucial for sites to rank highly.

After about three months Google indexed the websites and other digital assets that RepWarrior had created for this client. Because of the several stories that we pushed out to the Web, and all the sharing and backlinks they received, the digital assets we created started climbing the ranks of a Google search on his name. After about six months we saw the two Wikipedia pages climb onto the first page. Then the four websites followed, and then the blogs appeared onto the first page.

One of the stories he had written, and we had pushed out to the Web had even made it onto the first page of Google. After about eight months total we were able to get all the negative stories about our client off the first page of Google. What was interesting and exciting for us was that the AP hit piece story started disappearing off the second page of Google, as people were no longer clicking on it. If you do a search of his name today, you will have a hard time finding this AP story. A couple of the local stories are still on the second page of Google, but in time those will also likely disappear.

Our client had a successful IPO, raised millions of dollars and has hired RepWarrior to continually monitor his reputation, and that of his new public company.

Reputation Management Case Study – Attorney / Total time: ten months

In this reputation management case study RepWarrior was hired by an attorney who had been arrested for a DUII. The case made the local newspapers as this attorney was a prominent figure in the community. The attorney’s business had suffered because of it, and his public and personal life had been affected as well.

His wife contacted RepWarrior on his behalf and asked us to fix his online reputation. We employed our standard proprietary tactics and strategies and built some new websites for him, helped him optimize his existing website, built some blogs and other new digital assets. We optimized everything to show up on a Google search under his name.

RepWarrior wrote a couple articles related to his type of legal practice and gave him credit as the author. We blasted those articles out into cyberspace using our proprietary formula of content distribution. Both articles linked back to his name and new digital assets. We even issued a series of press releases about some of his ongoing high profile cases. These too were SEO’d properly and linked back to the new digital assets we had created for him.

After about two and a half months Google started to index the digital assets. First, it was the new websites that showed up under a Google search of his name. Then the blogs started ranking, and finally the press releases showed up. It took another three months for his digital assets to rank on the first page of Google. All the local stories were buried onto page two of a Google search and beyond. At the time of this writing it is too early to tell if the negative stories about our client will be buried further than page two, but we are confident they will.

Reputation Management Case Study – Performer / Total time: four months

In this reputation management case study a young woman who is a professional performer in New York had been in a long relationship with a young man who took his life. At the time he committed suicide, they had been engaged to be married. When this terrible tragedy happened no one could understand why a seemingly happy person had taken his own life. Because the young woman was famous locally for her role as a dancer and performer on Broadway, there were a couple stories about the tragedy in the local newspapers.

For over five years this client did not know about the stories as apparently no one had told her about them, and she never thought to do a Google search on her name. She had barely made it through the grieving process after this tragedy. One day she was auditioning for a new role and someone mentioned to her how sorry they were that her fiancé had committed suicide. She was shocked that they knew about this, as she had not known this person before that day. The person mentioned that they read about it on Google.

She went home and immediately Googled her own name and that’s when she discovered that over five years later there were a couple stories remaining on Google about the tragedy, and both stories mentioned her name as the fiancé of the man who took his life.

When this young woman contacted RepWarrior she was very distraught and told us she was forced to relive the experience of losing her fiancé as a result of discovering these stories about the incident. She was also angry that people she didn’t know had Googled her and were bringing this tragedy out into the open in conversations with her. Even though she knew they meant her no harm, she was still angry that people would even bring it up. She felt that it had possibly cost her some performing jobs.

RepWarrior proceeded to create several websites for this client. Since she was already quite famous locally and we had a lot of good content from her past, we were able to showcase her professional life. There were several positive stories about her that were already coming up on the first page of Google, alongside the two stories about the tragedy, and we featured those stories prominently in all the digital assets we created for her. We also created several blogs for her and posted positive things about her on other blogs related with her industry. We were even able to get a Wikipedia page created about her.

After about three months Google started indexing the digital assets we created for our client. It took another two or three months before things started making their way onto the first page of Google. After approximately six months the two stories about the tragedy made their way off the first page of Google.

This client expressed to us that she felt like she was able to reclaim her life back, and she is now doing very well and is able to continue the healing process.

Reputation Management Case Study – Previously Registered Sex Offender / Total time: six months

In this reputation management case study a client who had been a registered sex offender in the past, but was no longer required to register, hired RepWarrior to help manage his online reputation. He had been convicted of having an underage girlfriend (who he later married) when he was in his early 20’s. He had to register for 10 years as a sex offender as a result of his conviction.  Recently a private .com website had re-listed him as a sex offender, but had used a disclaimer that said “we cannot guarantee that the offender is listed as a current sex offender in California”.

To his horror he had discovered that almost 20 years later, and almost ten years after his last year of registration, he was listed on a private website as possibly being a sex offender. To make matters worse he had been laid off at his previous job and was in the process of reapplying for jobs at other companies. He had been denied employment and even interviews at several potential jobs, because the HR people had done a Google search of his name and discovered the listing.

He contacted RepWarrior and hired us to fix his online reputation and bury the listing of him on the one .com website. We created several websites for him, including one website that was designed for potential employers to look at.

We created this site like an online job application and resume that featured his skills, education, references, past employment history and even a section for his hobbies. We instructed him to give out this website’s URL to potential employers as part of his application process. The other sites we created were designed to look like he had created them himself, and they featured personal and professional information about him. They even had photo galleries and links to his band’s music. We designed them to be authentic and to enable visitors to learn the most positive and flattering things about our client. We also created several blogs about him and a couple new social media accounts that he didn’t already have.

It took about three months for the sites to rank, but once they did it was only a couple more months before they ranked on the first page of Google. When the contract for our services had ended, this client had already found a new job that was apparently much better than the old one he had been laid off from. The client told us that he gives out the URL of the website we had created for him to be used for potential employers to everyone he meets.

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